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  • Purva Piazza San Lorenzo

    Plots in Devanahalli, Bangalore


About Purva Piazza San Lorenzo

Purva Piazza San Lorenzo is a next-generation residential plotted development project by the Purva Land in Devanahalli, North Bangalore. This 60 acres development comprises many ideal plotted units of size ranging from 800sqft to 1200sqft, 1500sqft to 1850sqft, 2000sqft to 2500sqft, 2800sqft, and 3200sqft. The project is been richly designed by inspiring an Italian theme. The new launch of Purva Piazza San Lorenzo is the most awaited project in the region.

Devanahalli is the hotbed of the city‘s real estate industry as there is an abundance of development in this area as it has the BIAL in it. Industries battle around to have their workspace in this area as it is close to the Airport. The Prelaunch plotted development in the Devanahalli region would create yet another landmark in this Airport region. The efficient layout is finely designed to offer us optimum space utilization and maximum safety.

Project Highlights

Development Type Roman Themed Plots
Project Status Prelaunch
Location Devanahalli, Bangalore
Possession 2024 Onwards

Purva Land is one of the well-known property developers in the real estate industry for their consistency and exclusive plotted developments. The developer is known for its innovative conceptualising and delivering on-time projects. The Purva Piazza San Lorenzo is the superior project to be launched by the Purva Land.

Key Dates:

  • Pre-launch Date: Yet to be Announced.
  • Completion Date: 3 years from date of launch.
  • Possession Date: Immediately after Completion

project-status Project Status

Pre Launch

location Project Location


unit-variants Unit Variants

30*40,30*50, 40*60

price Starting Price


possession Possession

2024 Onwards


Bangalore’s real estate development is quite known to many of us as the city has been witnessing a great edge over the years. Invariably there is a surge in demand for real estate in spite of the current situation. This is due to the influx of population and the heed of the people towards investments and savings as it would help them in the hard times.

Purva Piazza San Lorenzo

In this project, you can get affordable plotted units of ideal sizes which are a perfect fit for any type of dream home. Surprisingly the property has many striking features such as a jogging track, outdoor gym, pet parks, volleyball courts.

What are the benefits of upcoming projects to home buyers and investors?

Early bird discounts: As we all know any property in the initial stages usually kicks start with a good discount at prices to have a good start. Thus in these Pre-launch projects, we could expect a great discount on the property price.

Better Deal: Obviously, this is great with many discounts in the initial stages of the project. This is indeed a great deal in the industry.

Updated Technology: As these are yet to be developed there is a high chance of implementing all the fresh and new technologies in this property. We could relish our living with ample updated technologies around us.


These are designed from the large land parcel which is been split into various dimensions strategically with a structured layout. These plotted units would be furnished with basic infrastructure like electricity, water. There are certain approvals to be obtained for these plots especially the RERA needs to be obtained.

Plots in Bangalore

Bangalore is one of the oldest cities in the country and it's quite familiar with efficient layouts. There are many outstanding layouts in this garden city that are still vibrant with their significance. As in any other city, in Bangalore also there are many unique benefits of plotted developments as thus there is a surging demand among buyers and investors on these properties over other types.

Plots in Devanahalli

Devanahalli is a place known for many developments and the BIAL. Before the inception of BIAL in this area. This used to be a small village with some mid-level industries and a place with historical monuments.

Purva Piazza San Lorenzo Plots

However, after the presence of BIAL in this Devanahalli region, there are quite an amount of developments in all industries such as IT and large industries. Thus as mentioned there is quite good demand for this area among the investors. Hence the price of a 1200sqft plot in this Devanahalli would range from 80Lakhs to 95 Lakhs.


Bangalore city is pretty familiar for the enormous growth and opportunities. There is plenty of scope for all types of people which aids in the improvement of many people. People who work in IT sector to hospitality sector every one gets gained with the city.

Purva Piazza San Lorenzo Bangalore

A lot of people step into this garden city carrying a lot of hope. The city also pretty well offers abundant chances and prospects to fulfil our desires.

Devanahalli, The Next Real Estate Hub

As the city has expanded across the horizons to withstand the development. One such outskirt region added to the Bangalore North limits is the Devanahalli region. However, these days the region has become the hotbed in the real estate industry due to its enormous potential.

New Address in Bangalore

This Purva Piazza San Lorenzo is a stunning property that would be a remarkable landmark in the region which would offer us efficient layouts and the best-plotted units at reasonable pricing.

Purva Piazza San Lorenzo Devanahalli

The nearest railway station is just 2km away and

The airport is just in the vicinity.


The city is known for its great venture in terms of real estate. There is all type of properties available in the city as there is surging demand for real estate properties. Thus the builders in this eminent city have been developing fascinating properties across the city. The current trends of the real estate industry are the plotted development. Buyers and investors are more inclined to plot communities for their great amount of usage.


Devanahalli is the fast-growing suburb in the city for its great features. The crucial reason for the development is the presence of BIAL. Following it there are many industries have been developed and proposed in this Devanahalli region. The area is well tied up with a good and efficient framework and connectedness.

The area is rich with well-reputed schools, hospitals, supermarkets and entertaining zones. We get all the required facilities in this suburb at great excellence and comfort. The association of Devanahalli with other regions are splendidly superior with exclusive connecting roads.

Schools & Colleges:

  • Carmel English School
  • Shantiniketan Public School
  • Sterling English School


  • Akash Hospital
  • Ramaiah Leena Hospital
  • New Manasa Hospital

Shopping Malls:

  • The Arcade
  • Narendra Silk Crafts
  • Vishal Textiles


Purva Piazza San Lorenzo Master Plan

Buying a property itself is a beneficial one for us. And in specific when plotted developments are considered these are quite rich in facilities and benefits. Let’s see the prominent benefits of the plotted developments which yield abundant returns to us.

  • Plotted developments are easy to buy and sell as we are going to pay only for the land parcel and people also prefer buying this since they could mould it as per their taste unless any construction property
  • As this is a plotted community all the facilities are available at par with much-advanced features and technologies. Thus this Purva Piazza San Lorenzo also has attractive features like Basketball court, badminton courts and many.
  • The infrastructure of the plotted community is systematically done to offer us a great hassle-free living experience.
  • The atmosphere and overall look of the property would be great with stunning views, to offer us an unparalleled living experience.
  • These days the amenities of the plotted developments are no less compared to the high rise complex buildings. We could expect a good number of facilities in these Purva Piazza San Lorenzo.
  • The security systems of these properties are quite secured and strong with 24*7 security personnel, CCTV surveillance.
  • As there is a rich amount of usage in this property there is a high resale value for these properties.
  • There are many options to choose from as there are many dimensional units which are 800sqft, 1200sqft, 1500sqft, 1850sqft, 2000sqft, 2500sqft, 2800sqft and 3200sqft.
  • As these are vacant plots we could craft our own creative abodes here which is a great benefit.


This is the most important factor for any city to a place. Since no one would like spending time in tedious traffic and travelling. Thus for any successful city, the backbone would be its connectivity. Through which the trade happens quickly and in simple ways.

The Bangalore city has been tremendously growing with intelligent connectivity which links all the major parts of the city easily and efficiently.

Importance of Connectivity in Residential Real Estate:

Of course, these are the backbones for any living area as we people need to transit from one place to another. Thus when we buy any property we look for commuting facilities first in place as these are the basic ones required for all of us.

Namma Metro - Metro Line

The proposed metro developments are yet another simplification of commuting in this region. Once these are launched we could relish the fastest mode of transport.


Investments are the most used and heard terms right from our childhood days. People often discuss these to secure their future. Every person’s investment varies based on their budget, preference and other influential aspects. One person might buy a cheaper property at attractive rates however the worth would be the least. The other set of people would buy smart properties at affordable prices. The latter would be appreciated by society for its significance.


Are we okay to wait for some months or a few years till the completion of the project


Are you looking for immediate possession properties which would be available just in a few weeks time?


It’s wise to invest in properties close to our workplace as we can minimize the travel time


And we need to have a check on the infrastructure and connectedness of the locality

Purva Land:

This is a reputed chain in the real estate sector with 35k+ successful homes and is operating in 9 cities. These are absolute plotted developers who work only on plotted developments to offer us profitable ventures. The brand has so far developed 40+million square feet of space covering 50k+ happy customers.

This is a subsidiary of Purvankara Group which is a giant in the real estate industry. The Purva Land has been consistent in offering clear titled properties with required regulatory approvals, best in class infrastructure and atmosphere. The efficient planning and timely delivery of this developer is outstanding.


1. How Many plots are coming up in Purva Piazza San Lorenzo?

As this is an upcoming property the exact number of plots is available in this property is yet to be released. These are not yet disclosed.

2. How much is the price of a 3200 sqft plot in this development?

This is a Pre-launch property thus the price list is yet to be disclosed by the developer.

3. What are the plot sizes available in the Purva Piazza San Lorenzo?

There are various sized plots available in this property ranging from 800sqft to 1200sqft, 1500sqft to 1850sqft, 2000sqft to 2500sqft, 2800sqft and 3200sqft.

Disclaimer: Any content mentioned in this website is for information purpose only and Prices are subject to change without notice. This website is just for the purpose of information only and not to be considered as an official website.

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