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  • Purva Piazza Santa Croce

    Plots in Devanahalli, Bangalore


About Purva Piazza Santa Croce

The Purva Piazza Santa Croce is a futuristic property designed by the Purva Land at Devanahalli, North Bangalore. This large plotted development is developed on 60 acres landscape with different sized plotted units like 800sqft to 1200sqft, 1500-1850sqft, 2000sqft to 2500sqft, 3200sqft. Most interestingly all these plots are available on ideal patterns which are rectangular and garden plots. The property is been inspired by an Italian theme to offer us a rich classic touch and it's a cluster of Purva Tivoli Hills. The new launch of Purva Piazza Santa Croce is the most awaited project for all its goodness and richness.

Devnahalli is a pretty familiar area for most people as the BIAL is just present in this region. It is the real estate hub these days as the growth of the region is phenomenal. The Pre-launch of this elegant plotted development would create yet another landmark in the region for the greatness of the project. The property is strategically designed to have an efficient layout with optimum utilization of space and great security features.

Project Highlights

Development Type Roman Themed Plots
Project Status Prelaunch
Location Devanahalli, Bangalore
Possession 2024 Onwards

Purva Land is the most reputed property developer in the real estate domain. As the developer has well delivered unique and most crucial aspects of any real estate industry like on-time deliveries, innovative concepts, and great quality. The Purva Piazza Santa Croce is the finest project to be launched by Purva Land.

Key Dates:

  • Pre-launch Date: Yet to be Announced.
  • Completion Date: 3 years from date of launch.
  • Possession Date: Immediately after Completion

project-status Project Status

Pre Launch

location Project Location


unit-variants Unit Variants

30*40,30*50, 40*60

price Starting Price


possession Possession

2024 Onwards


The achievement of the city is tremendous in each field which keeps the city invariably busy and demanding especially in terms of the real estate industry. The trend is recurring with plotted developments. As people want their investments to be fruitful with the best yielding values.

Purva Piazza Santa Croce

This community offers you with best dimensional units which are ideal for any dream abode and keep us delighted. There are various units available ranging from 800sqft to 1200sqft, 1500sqft to 1850sqft, 2000sqft to 2500sqft and 3200sqft. And most uniquely these plots are strategically designed to have rectangular and garden plots to offer us the perfect plots for any type of residential construction.

Like any other residential development, this plotted community also has pretty good interesting features which comprise of pet parks to sports courts which keeps us leisure time healthy and happy.

Top 3 benefits of upcoming projects for home buyers and investors?

Early bird discounts: In general we all know the builders and developers offer discounts called Early bird during the initial stages of the project. This is to spike their sales number and utilize the funds in marketing and the process of the project.

Better Deal: Of course these are the best deals ever as there is a sizeable amount of discount offered by the developer. This is a win-win technology used and beneficial at both ends.

Updated Technology: We all know technology is dominating the whole world with its quick and easy. Thus every one of us expects smart technology homes that would give us the best comfort and luxury.


These are evergreen favourable properties though they are on higher budget people prefer these for the unique facilities and rich resale value. These are undoubtedly the safest property investments one could ever do.

Plots are primarily derived from the large land parcels and planned with strategies to offer us a great layout. These do require some mandatory approvals like RERA and BDA to prove the genuineness of the project.

Plots in Bangalore

Bangalore is resuming its old trends in the real estate industry thus the plotted developments are kick-starting with high demands in the city. These days there are a lot of investors and buyers looking for plots as its good in privacy, safety and resale value.

Plots in Devanahalli

As mentioned earlier the Devanahalli region is the topmost hotbed in the real estate industry thus there is a wide range of properties available in the region. The plotted developments are largely available in this area as there are huge demands for this.

The land appreciation is pretty high where a 1200sqft individual plot with no amenities range from 55Lakhs to 70Lakhs.

Purva Piazza Santa Croce Plots


This is the favourite location for millions of people as their dreams and desires have well contended. The city plays a great role in respect to the growth of the country. There are plenty of industries contributing great revenue to the nation. People with big goals prefer this location for its great potential.

Purva Piazza Santa Croce Bangalore

Devanahalli, The Next Real Estate Hub

This place is an inevitable place in the city as anyone who needs to fly has to visit this area. As the BIAL is present in this area. Devanahalli has taken a rapid transformation over the years for its phenomenal growth. Many companies yearn to have their offices or factories and outlets in this region to ease their commute. As the area is pretty efficient in terms of connectedness. The many unique features of this Devanahalli has made the area quite demanding and thus this is the next real estate hub in the city.

New Address in Bangalore

The Purva Piazza Santa Croce with its Italian theme and efficient layouts is going to mark a new incredible address in the city.

Purva Piazza Santa Croce Devanahalli


The Purva Piazza Santa Croce with its Italian theme and efficient layouts is going to mark a new incredible address in the city.

There are two crucial elements involved in the phenomenal growth of the city which is the extraordinary framework and connectedness. We get all the required facilities just in the vicinity and the connectivity is outstanding. Thus any trading within and outside the city is efficient and seamless.

The amazing infrastructure and connectedness of the city have a great contribution to the growth of the city.

Devanahalli Developments

Devanahalli region is a historical place that used to be a small village on the outskirts of the city. As the city inflates for its growth the Devanahalli region has also been added to the Northern limits of the city. Yes!! This potential area is located in the northern part of Bangalore city. The region is most known for the presence of BIAL. After the inception of the BIAL, the region is quite developed with enormous growth.

Devanahalli Future Potential

There are a pile of projects proposed in this region. Numerous state-level developments and industrial developments are spread in the region. Thus there is great potential in this area with many future prospects.

Devanahalli Surrounding Developments

Schools & Colleges:

  • Carmel English School
  • Shantiniketan Public School
  • Sterling English School


  • Akash Hospital
  • Ramaiah Leena Hospital
  • New Manasa Hospital

Shopping Malls:

  • The Arcade
  • Narendra Silk Crafts
  • Vishal Textiles


Purva Piazza Santa Croce Master Plan

These are the root reasons for the investment. Because life is not certain anytime. The plotted developments carry a lot of benefits which are unique and plenty.

  • There is a wide range of options to choose from as there are numerous plotted units and sizes available
  • The sizes are quite favourable with preferred sizes such as 800sqft to 1200sqft, 1500-1850sqft, 2000sqft to 2500sqft and 3200sqft
  • We could craft our dream abode with the feasible rectangular and garden plots
  • The plotted developments are equally competitive to the other residential properties with rich amenities like pet parks to yoga decks. We could get a similar lifestyle of apartment properties here
  • The infrastructure of the property is also wisely designed with adequate facilities to offer us a hassle-free atmosphere.
  • The property would be of great ambience and with breathtaking views. We could relish the whole environment as it's been designed spaciously with many rejuvenating elements. .
  • The security system of the plotted developments is well designed to offer us a great security system.
  • All these unique and crucial elements proffer us with much high resale values.


This is the most required aspect for any city as the growth is directly dependent on this. Yes if this is properly wired we could simply traverse from one area to another seamlessly and quickly. Being the most prominent city the connectedness is quite excellent in Bangalore city which has numerous exclusive connecting roads which link many parts of the city.

Importance of Connectivity in Residential Real Estate:

Bangalore city is very vast with 4 major parts. So if one has to travel from North to the east part of the city for any work, educational or healthcare reasons. The path has to be smooth and effective. Thus these are the crucial factors in residential real estate.

The area itself has a railway station in it

There are some bus stations in the vicinity which has many connecting buses on a frequent basis

Namma Metro - Metro Line

There is a long-proposed metro line connecting the Devanahalli with other major parts of the city.


Investments are the great kind of savings we could do as these are actually appreciable. There are many types of funding we could do. However, we need to be heedful while choosing the source of investment. In this way, we could safeguard our hard earned money.

It’s quite evident that the property funding is the best. And to be more precise the plotted developments are much high yielding offering large resale values. So while buying any property we need to be sure about 2 major things which are


If we can wait for a year or so for the completion of the project


Do we want ready to occupy properties?


It’s quite sensible to invest close to our workplace


Make sure all the required facilities and connectedness are available in the locality.

Purva Land:

Purva Land is a recent property developer in the market yet has got an incredible impression among the buyers and investors. This is a subsidiary of the legacy Purvankara Group.

Purva Land was established in the year 2021 to focus extensively on the plotted development to offer us a great atmosphere to relish and live in. The developer has delivered 35k+ homes operating in 9+ cities. Purva Land has so far covered a large area of 40+ million sqft area with 50k+ customers. This brand has 5+ unique and major attributes that distinguish it from other common developers.


1. How many plotted units are present in Purva Piazza Santa Croce?

This being a pre-launch project the absolute number of plotted units are yet to be declared. However, there are nearly 200+ units expected in this property.

2. Where is Purva Piazza Santa Croce located?

The property is located at Devanahalli which is just a 10-minute drive from the BIAL.

3. How many clusters are present in this property?

The property has totally 4 cluster in the Purva Tivoli Hills

4. What is the development size of Purva Piazza Santa Croce ?

The property is totally sprawled on 60 acres land parcel.

Disclaimer: Any content mentioned in this website is for information purpose only and Prices are subject to change without notice. This website is just for the purpose of information only and not to be considered as an official website.

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